HyperloopTT signs first US feasibility study from Cleveland to Chicago

HyperloopTT announced an agreement with Northern Ohio Area Coordinating Committee to carry out a feasibility study for the first interstate hyperloop project connecting Chicago and Cleveland. This will be carried out in association with the Illinois Department of Transportation. The study is to determine the possibility of building a route before beginning the work and also focussing on the viability of a number of different corridors.

Image Courtesy : Hyper Loop Global

“Regulations are the ultimate barrier for Hyperloop implementation, and we are excited to build the first real public-private partnership to bring Hyperloop travel to the US,” said Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of HTT.

The company is in discussions with local governments and cities to announce the additional routes in the future.
HTT already announced new innovation centers in Tolouse, France and the plans to develop services in Indonesia, South Korea and India.