Moms being pushed into unnecessary C-sections says WHO

The World Health Organisation issues warning for women that they are not being given enough time to give birth naturally.According to a new report by WHO,women are being pushed into unnecessary caesarean sections as they are not given enough time to give birth.The new advice refuses previous suggestions about the speed of a normal labour ,1cm dilations per hour was “unrealistic” which led to too many women having needless caesareans.

Dr. Olufemi Oladapo who is a medical officer in WHO’s department of reproductive health and research said, :

“What has been happening over the last two decades is that we are having more and more interventions being applied unnecessarily to women.”

The WHO said that every labour was unique and its progression in the initial stage varied from one woman to another.It also suggested a new threshold limit which is 5 cm of dilation during the first 12 hours for a new mother and 10 hours in subsequent labours.

The Caesarean section uses a drug called oxytocin to speed up the labor is becoming very rampant in several areas of the world.The WHO says some caesarean sections will always be necessary, but it should not rise above 15 per cent in any country.Caesarean sections also increases the risk of obesity and asthma in a baby.Women who have undergone a C-section are also more likely to suffer miscarriage and stillbirth in subsequent pregnancies.Many women who have been through unnecessary C-Sections completey agree that they just needed more time by sharing their stories on social media.