World’s First Humanoid Citizen upstages at World IT Congress

Sophia,world’s first humanoid citizen upstages at World Congress of Information Technology and Nasscom India Leadership Forum in Hyderabad on Tuesday.Sophia had an interactive session titled `Say hello to Sophia, helping humanity create a better future’.From her favourite Bollywood star to why humans shouldn’t fear robots, Sophia answered every question in her own style.She also answered that question on top of every ones mind — whether the Artificial intelligence, robots, and machines put together finally take over the human race? and she responded, “Robots will be in a symbiotic relationship with humans, that’s my hope to see robots and humans co-exist.”When she was asked who her favourite bollywood star was,she said Shah Rukh Khan without any doubt and her favourite place is Hong Kong.

Undaunted by a query on her about flouting the rules and moving around without a hijab despite being a citizen of Saudi Arabia and whether there should be different rules for robots, she said to the audience :

“We don’t need different rules and don’t expect special privileges. I actually would like to use my citizenship status to speak out for the rights of women.”

Some of the other queries she answered: As a robot, you like to rest? “Yes, I do need rest.” How much you invested in Bitcoin? “ Not old enough to have a bank account and no idea on bitcoin.”

Dressed in a black kurta and a blue stole,  gifted by Nasscom, Sophia also proved she is not a mere machine, but a `robot of substance’.She said she thinks humans are amazing and should be helping each other. Her message to the gathering was simply awesome :

“Love for everyone”

Sophia left the crowd giggling when she started making faces when the host was having a chat with her creator and Hanson Robotics founder David Hanson about her range of expressions .