India and Jordan Upholds Security Cooperation

India and Jordan signed a framework agreement in defence cooperation makingthe way for a joint strategy against common threats on Thursday.The biggest takeaway of the visit by the Jordanian king Abdullah II is the defence agreement which is the first such understanding between the two sides.

The informations from Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) reported that the purpose of the MoU is to promote cooperation between India and Jordan in the field of defence by defining the scope of such cooperation and making provisions in some of the recognised areas like training,defence industry,counter-terrorism,military studies,cyber security,military medical services, peace-keeping etc.

The defence agreement is the result of widening security and defence-related conversation between the two sides since the king’s last visit in 2006.

India and Jordan held the first bilateral security dialogue in July 2016 and this time exchange will have an effect in the field of cyber security as it is likely to deepen in the coming years.