Google Doodle Marks The Birth Anniversary of K.L Saigal

On Wednesday Google celebrated the 114th birth anniversary of singer-actor K.L. Saigal with a doodle.Being the Sangeet Samrat Kundan Lal Saigal recorded 185 songs, apart from acting in 36 films, in a span of about 15 years. He passed away in January, 1947.

Saigal appeared on the music map in the early 1930s.He is considered to be the first superstar of Indian cinema. His talent for both acting and singing was fully recognised after the success of Yahudi ki Ladki, a costume epic-based on Aga Hashr Kashmiri’s famous play Misar Kumari with 19 songs including Saigal’s ever popular Ghalib number “Nuktachin Hai Gham-e-Dil”.

Saigal’s famous recording “Jhulna Jhulao”  blazed a new trail in Indian music.

With the release of New Theatres’ Chandidas in 1934, Saigal attained stardom. His outstanding and histrionic performance in P.C. Barua’s masterpiece Devdas also got him wide appreciation.