ISRO launched its Navigation Satellite “IRNSS-1I “

ISRO launched its Navigation Satellite “IRNSS-1I “at early morning on Thursday from Sriharikota.Although 1I is the ninth to be launched in the NavIC navigation fleet, it counts as the eighth.

K. Sivan, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), said the 1425- kg satellite completes the first phase of the Indian regional navigation constellation.The navigation satellites are meant for giving precise information of position, navigation and time of objects or people. They were built by a consortium of six Indian companies led by Alpha Design Technologies Ltd., Bengaluru.

1I is  built for a ten-year job in space and is expected to be ready for work in about a month after routine orbit manoeuvres and tests.

Now orbiting in a temporary sub-geosynchronous oval path about 281.5 km x 20,730 km from Earth and inclined 19.2 degrees to the Equator, it will be gradually pushed in the coming days into a geosynchronous circular orbit 36,000 km away, at an inclination of 29° over 55° East longitude.

“The NavIC constellation is going to create history and make innovative applications to the entire community in ocean-based services, especially for the underserved and unserved,”

Dr.Sivan said in his post-launch address.