7 ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

If you eat at the right time and lead a disciplined life,your weight loss and health goals will come easy.Always try to ensure that your body functions at its optimum at all the time.Inculcating healthy habits result in a healthy life.

Here are seven ways to lead a healthy, happy life :

  • Cycling : Cycling is a great way to work out and breathe in fresh air .Cycling reduces the risks of heart diseases,diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

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  • Do morning stretches : Stretching in the morning is a good habit. This can be done in your balcony or in the park close to your house.

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  • Take a screen-break : Go screen-free for some time. Take your eyes off the screen, whether it is computer or TV or mobile.Your eyes and brain need a screen break as it promotes general well-being and improves cognitive functioning and learning through socialising. You will only feel more productive at the end of each day by doing this.

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  • Use Honey instead of sugar : Honey promotes weight loss, good sleep, and is a natural energy source.

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  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water: A glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon squeezed can aid your digestion system. The Vitamin C in lemon also helps in building immunity and nourishing your brain and nerve cells.

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  • Eat dark chocolate : Eat about 100 grams of dark chocolate every day. It is less sweet and  improves your cholesterol profile and helps in regulating blood sugar.It is also an anti-oxidant powerhouse.

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  • Include antioxidants in your diet : Anti-oxidants help you maintain good digestive health. Basil, cloves, cumin, parsley, cinnamon and oregano are some good sources of anti-oxidants . It  helps to  maintain your overall health and well-being in the most natural way.

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