Time to quit smoking middle agers!

A new study suggests that smoking into your middle age could lead to many heart complications.Current smokers were nearly three times more likely to be hospitalised for heart failure, while current smokers who smoked a pack or more a day were over three times more likely to be hospitalised,says the study.

Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart does not pump blood properly.Current smokers’s left ventricle — the heart’s main pumping chamber — showed early signs of not working properly. These changes in the left ventricle’s structure and function are likely put a person at greater risk of developing heart failure

Smoking reduces the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen to heart and other organs thus causing angina or chest pain, aneurysm, stroke and gangrene .

So the doctors recommend that quit smoking anyway, but the message should be made even more forcefully to the ones at higher risk of heart failure.