Missing Latvian tourist’s body found decollated near Thiruvallam

Missing Latvian tourist Liga Skromane who went missing from an Ayurveda resort in Kerala was found dead lying in an isolated area near Thiruvallam.The 33-year-old Liga and her sister had been in their holidays in Kerala since last February. After visiting Kochi, Alappuzha, Kollam and Varkala, she had undergone ayurvedic treatment for traumatic depression. She went missing from the resort and was last seen near Kovalam beach on March 14.

Ilze Skromane and Liga Skromane

Her sister Ilze made all efforts to trace her and sought support through her Facebook page. She and Liga’s husband Andrew Jordan met the Chief Minister for a detailed investigation. The Indian Navy and Airforce joined the search operations in the sea. Kerala police constituted a special team to investigate the case.Concurrently, searches were also conducted in the neighbouring states, but to no avail.

Ilze Skormane and Andrew Jordan with her poster .

Though the search squads had combed the seashore and the bushy areas in and around Kovalam assiduously,they did not bother to search inside the mangrove forest along the coastline.The police claim that they had almost reached the spot where the decomposed body was found during the search operation.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, Liga’s deformed body was found lying in an isolated area near Thiruvallam.The police said that it would not be easy for a foreigner to reach there without being guided by someone with knowledge of the geography of the area.

The Latvian Foreign Ministry has also confirmed that the body of Liga Skromane has been found in India. Her sister identified the body. An autopsy by Indian authorities will be carried out on the body, the ministry informs.

The ministry also said that it is assisting the sister in communication with Indian authorities. The ministry has also involved the local Latvian consul to help with the situation.