Facebook F8 Conference 2018

F8 Conference,the annual conference held by Facebook  in San Jose,Silicon Valley is packed with many announcements and updates this year.The conference intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the website.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking on F8 conference 2018

Here listing some of the big takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote .

  • FaceDate
FaceDate is an upcoming dating feature in Facebook.It enables you to make a profile that’s only visible to non-friends who’ve also opted in to looking for love. Facebook will match you based on all its data, and messaging will happen in a dedicated inbox rather than Messenger.
  • Clear History
“Clear History” is a new privacy feature that lets the users to delete the data that facebook has collected from sites and apps.Through this feature you can scrub some of your browsing history from Facebook’s data store.
  • Instagram Video Chat and Anti Bullying Comments
Instagram is launching video chat and it is also introducing a new feature that protect users from bullying comments, plus an improved Explore tab.
  • Reopening “App Review Process”
Facebook is reopening its app review process after the pause it took after the Cambridge Analytica crisis.
  • Messenger Simplification and translation
Facebook starts translation in messnger and it does the simplification by stripping out he camera and games tab.
  • V R memories and 3D Photos
The Newsfeed is getting updated with 3D illustrations and models.It’s also going to turn 2D photos into VR memories — 3D enivironments you can explore using a trippy point cloud design.