Actress Meghna Raj and Kannada Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja tie the knot

Meghna Raj, who is known for her roles in Mollywood films  Beautiful and 100 Degree Celsius, got married to Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja in a Christian ceremony in Bengaluru on Sunday.She entered into wedlock with Chiranjeevi Sarja as per the Hindu customs on Wednesday.

The engagement was held on October 22. Meghna appeared gorgeous in her white wedding gown, while  Chiranjeevi Sarja , known in film circles, was stunning in a black suit. The wedding at the church was held as Meghna’s mother Pramila Joshai is a Catholic.

Sandalwood actor Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghana Raj got hitched as per Christian tradition at Koramangala church.
Meghana Raj and Chirranjeivi Sarjaa got married as per Hindu traditions on Wednesday.


They were engaged on October 22.
Meghna Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja engagement photo.