Instagram has launched IGTV

With 1 billion users now under its belt, Instagram has launched IGTV(Instagram TV).This is the next stage of Instagram’s evolution, and an obvious attempt to compete with YouTube. And given Instagram’s meteoric rise, they may just pull it off.

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Instagram has evolved a lot over the years, from adding video in 2013 to introducing Instagram Stories in 2016. And now there’s been another massive update to our fave image-sharing platform: the release of IGTV, a long-form video feature.

On June 20th, Instagram made it official, rolling out IGTV.IGTV has its own standalone app, along with a button within the original Instagram app itself. So far, the new feature seems a little like YouTube. In addition to spotlighting original content from celebrities, users can upload their own videos.

According to an Instagram press release, videos play in full-screen and portrait mode to mirror “how you actually use your phone” — meaning all videos are vertical. The press release also notes that you can like, comment on, and send videos to your friends.

Once you’ve added a channel, you can access it by clicking on your profile picture in the main IGTV screen. From there, you can upload content from your video library. Unlike YouTube, IGTV will start playing videos as soon as you open the app. In other words, Instagram has designed IGTV to be more like traditional TV, presenting content they think you’re going to enjoy without you having to search for it.