Know the Health Benefits of Mint Leaves!

Mint leaves or pudina is a common ingredient in Indian Households.Mint has many health benefits ranging from improving digestion to preventing bad breath.Mint leaves are rich is Vitamin A, iron, manganese, fibre and folate.

Mint can  be added to foods as a flavouring agent and for garnishing purposes as well. Mint leaves can be added to alcoholic drinks, sauces, salads and even desserts. Apart from its cooling properties, mint leaves have several health benefits.

Benefits of mint can be good for the skin, for digestion and for the brain function to name a few.The other benefits are :

  • Mint is rich in nutrients
It has vitamins and minerals which can be quite healthy for the body. It is rich in Vitamin A, iron, manganese, fibre and folate. Vitamin A in mint is particularly good for eye health and night vision. Antioxidants in mint help in relieving oxidative stress in the body.
  • Mint helps in getting rid of bad breath
Mints are popular for getting rid of bad breath. However, it only covers the bad breath and does not reduce bacteria or other compounds which cause bad breath. But if you chew fresh mint leaves, it can help in masking bad breath as well as kill bacteria which cause bad breath.
  • Mint helps in reducing breastfeeding pain
Breastfeeding mothers experience cracks and sores on nipples which make breastfeeding painful and difficult. Applying mint to the skin can help in relieving breastfeeding pain.
  • Mint helps in relieving indigestion
Adding pudina in your food can improve your digestion. Benefits of pudina are such that it can help in treating upset stomach and even indigestion.
  • Mint helps in improving brain function
Inhaling aroma of essential oils of mint can help in improving brain function. Smelling essential oils of mint plant has been found to increase alertness and decrease fatigue, anxiety and frustration. However, more research is needed in for verifying mint benefits on brain.