5 High-Protein Foods that You Should Eat More!

Protein can help you shed those unwanted pounds  and keep your belly full. But it’s important to eat the right amount and the right kind of protein to get its health benefits.Protein is built from building blocks called amino acids. It makes up the enzymes that power many chemical reactions and the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in your blood. At least 10,000 different proteins make you what you are and keep you that way.

Here are some of the high-protein foods tat you should eat more  :

  • Hemp seeds
Hemp seeds contain an adequate proportion of all 9 of the essential amino acids necessary for our dietary needs. One 3 Tbsp serving provides about 11 g of protein.
  • Chickpeas
Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and fiber. In addition to protein and fiber, chickpeas are also loaded with manganese, folate, copper, iron, and zinc—vitamins and minerals
  • Sardines
One can of sardines has between 20 and 28 g of protein.They’re also loaded with omega-3s. Sardines are rich in nutrients while also being low in calories.
  • Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese may consist of 4% fat and 11% protein.
  • Quinoa
This plant-based protein is one of the few grains that qualifies as a complete. protein, packing 8 g into just one cup. It’s also one of the most versatile grains